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May I book tickets via phone and collect tickets at the port  with payment by cash there ?

In the mean time we acept online booking only. Etickets and prepaid are in used 

What is diffeent betwin Economy class and VIP class ?

There are VIP 18 seats on  Phu Quoc Express boat only and 30 VIP seats on Con Dao Express. If you prefer comfort and more privacy space, take VIP class . Otherwise Economy class is fine for your budget.

Can I bring mortobike or bycycle along ? If Yes, how much ?

For Phu Quoc Express boat – You can bring scooter with you but must make reservation for mortobike space once when you book Etiket .Otherwise it may be full , no more space for your mortorbike for check -in. Mortobike cost is from 150,000 VND up to 400,000 VND ( depends on how big your mortobike is )  that included all fees and services.  

For Con Dao Express boat – It is NOT ACEPT to bring any mortobikes in the mean time. If you have your own  transport, you can park it the the pier and pay for your own fees.

Can I bring my Pets ?

Yes, you can do it but you can not bring him to passenger room . You can leave him behind of the boat , near mortobike space or bring him up to outdoor boarding. Please take anote that we have no any responsiblity to take care them.

Can I change my booked tickets for another days ?

Yes you can do but charges 20% fees and must inform 48h hours before depart time incase that trip is not fully booked.

What happen if I come late and miss my ferry due to trafficjame or other seasons ?

You can use that ticket for the next ferry in the same day if the seats are  available. In that case we strongly recomend you to contact to us for urgent help .

For futher request , feel free to contact to us via Email : online@phuquocexpressboat.com or Whats App : + 84989566889 .We are willing to support any request as long as you are happy in use our services.