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Welcome to the Online Booking System of Phu Quoc Express Boat for Etickets .We offers you the opportunity to book your tickets on all the routes we serve.After having filled in the information requested for the Booking Form that is below each route , your credit card will be charged so that you can collect your tickets  sent to your email.You can receive your ticket(s) in electronic format (PDF) via email or Whats App , no later than 02 hours working time (7:00 a:m – 19:00 ) since your payment.By by displaying Etickets on mobile screen , along with your ID card or Passport ,you are be able to board the Phu Quoc Express .

Sometimes,availability is not updated online for booking . A refund to your account incase tickets are not available on the date of your travel.

When you receive Etickets in PDF, you will see 02 tickets ( Liên 1 – Liên 2 ) for each pasengers . Do not confused with it as it is default for paper tickets : Liên1–  for checker and Liên 2 – for passenger, just ignore it if you use Etickets for boarding